Jalani, was born in 2019. She became a big sister and welcomed her best friend, Journi, in January 2020. Since Jalani was a custom to being the only child in the house, as she became older it was an adjustment for her to share toys, play fair, and assist her younger sister with every day activities. Being a mom of two little girls who are roughly one year apart, I wanted to show them the importance of sisterhood from an early age, so as they continued to grow, their bond would remain strong, and they would always have their sister’s best interest at heart.


Beyond her titles as a Personality, Podcaster and Entrepreneur Brianna Harmon is known as “Mommy” to two little girls, Jalani and Journi. When Brianna was welcoming her youngest daughter, Journi, she wanted to ensure it was a smooth transition for her oldest, Jalani. Many times, first-borns can be confused when they aren’t the only child in the family anymore, and they may not know how to express their emotions to the new changes happening in their home. Brianna was inspired to create a short story to help other big sisters feel not only proud but also a sense of responsibility when there is a new edition to the family. The ultimate goal is to have her two daughters grow up loving one another, and being best friends as they continue to navigate life; knowing they’ll always have each other to lean on.